Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Social Photography VI - Carriage Trade, New York

Car Wreck, Anne Senstad, 2017. Shot on Samsung Galaxy IV. 5x7 inches.Edition of 10 + 1

Social Photography VI  

Prints available online from June 28th at: 

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Online Sales Begin: 

Thursday, June 28

Gallery Exhibition Opens: 

Tuesday, July 10, 6-8 PM

277 Grand St, 2nd Fl.  

New York, NY  10002

First presented in 2011, carriage trade's  Social Photography exhibitions have catalogued the rapid transformation of cell phone photography over the last several years. From a novelty medium existing between the voice and text functions of flip phones, to the smart phone as near physical appendage capable of recording and transmitting every waking moment, the cell phone camera now plays a pervasive role in many people's lives. 

While Instagram tends to emphasize the medium's  social utility, carriage trade's Social Photography exhibitions have tracked an alternate course, inviting participants and viewers to encounter these images in a format free of peer-generated tallies, while offering the option of a sustained look afforded by a gallery setting.  Social Photography  contributors are not limited to visual artists, and include writers, curators, musicians, students, etc., reflecting the accessibly and ubiquity of cell phone camera use.

Some of this years' participants are: Peggy Ahwesh, Dennis Adams, Liz Deschenes, Tracy Emin, Barbara Ess, Hal Foster, Ceal Floyer, Dan Graham, Beatrice Gross,  Emily HuntSarah Meister, Thurston Moore, Neil Jenney, Louise Lawler,  Lee Ranaldo, Asad Raza, Walter Robinson, John Schabel, Anne Senstad, James Siena, Molly Soda, Barry Schwabsky, Carol Szymanski, among many others.  

Functioning as a benefit exhibition to help support upcoming programming at carriage trade, there is no particular theme guiding  Social Photography VI apart from how the cell phone camera is most often used. Participants email images from their phones to carriage trade, which are then formatted, printed on 5" x 7" paper, and sold online and in the gallery during the exhibition.

Less a sanctioning of an evolving medium than a hybrid of a traditional exhibition format and the wider net of social media,  Social Photography also functions as a means to sustain and expand carriage trade's community, which exists in the combined spheres of online experience and the irreplaceable physicality of the exhibition space itself.

*Prints are available in editions of 10 on a first come, firsts serve basis: 
1 for $75.00 
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3 for $150.00 (use promo code: 3/$150 at checkout)  

Prints purchased online by July 4 will be available for pick-up during the opening on July 10.Social Photography VI photographs can be viewed and purchased here: