Monday, August 14, 2017

The Mosaic Rooms Lecture Aug 24th 7 pm

TIME BEYOND PLACE by Anne Senstad at The Mosaic Rooms in London. A lecture on the all women cross cultural platform Senstad initiated in Saudi Arabia in 2016-17 in collaboration with artists Dr Zahrah AlGhamdi, Jameela Mater and Ghada Da. In partnership with ITHRA and co produced by CULTURUNNERS.

For recording of lecture and slide show please click here

Presentation by artist Anne Senstad on founding Time Beyond Place – The Cultural Bridge, a crosscultural, all-female platform where artists create work about the preservation of cultural heritage, domesticity and memory in Saudi Arabia.
New York based Norwegian artist Anne Senstad works in the intersections of installation art, photography, video, neon and site specificity, with a focus on the phenomena of perception, light, sound and colour. She draws on critical and poetic text based works to address ethics, literature and philosophy. In her ongoing field projects, she engages in cultural, social and political interactions to create a wider educational and collaborative platform between diverse ideologies. Through this, Senstad seeks to develop the possibility for what she sees as ‘a new folklore and an amalgamation between post-modern individualism and internationalism’.
Time Beyond Place – The Cultural Bridge is an ithra initiative, coordinated by CULTURUNNERS.