Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Locker Plant Projections

The Locker Plant Projections 

A Video by Anne Katrine Senstad

Music by J G Thirlwell
4 Channel surround sound
8.20 min

This video piece part of a site specific projection series of my video-installation piece Colour Kinesthesia. It can be thought of as an auto referential documentation piece.

The Locker Plant is a former butcher and meat packing plant, one of a group of buildings Donald Judd acquired in Marfa, TX - it is now part of The Chinati foundation.

Still images from the video:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is Her Name Red? at Stiftelsen 3,14 in Bergen, Norway

Is Her Name Red? at Stiftelsen 3,14  
A One person exhibition - 06/24/11 – 08/14/11 
Curated by Malin Barth - Director, Stiftelsen 3,14
Opening reception June 24

Stiftelsen 3,14
Vaagsallmenningen 12
5014 Bergen, Norway

I will be showing the video installations Colour Kinesthesia and Colour Synesthesia I and II with a 4 channel surround sound composed piece by JG Thirlwell,  Photographic works from The Pink Project and The Norwegians - Women, an installation.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Pink Gallery 
서울시 서초구 서초동 1460-21, 2층 
Seoul, SuChoKu SuChoDong 1460-21, 2nd Fl, South, Korea 

Past and Present - 17~20c Master's drawing and 21c 3 Women Arists 
과거와 현재 - 17~20세기 마스터의 드로잉/판화 와 함께 보는 21세기 여성3인전. 

Artists : 
피카소 Pablo Picasso
샤갈 Marc Chagall
마티스 Henri Matisse
클림트 Gustav Klimt
마네 Édouard Manet
램브란트 Rembrandt
아나 샌스타드 Anne Senstad
그래이스 림 J. Grace Rim
김혜연Hey-Youn Kim

Pink Gallery Hours: 7 days a week (월요일 부터 일요일) 11am - 6pm
Phone 82.70. 8887.638

Dates : 05/24 – 07/24 2011