Monday, June 21, 2010

VERWERTUNG Interdisciplinary Arts Festival Berlin

Showing :

"Light Writes Always in Plural - Light Displacement, Section Three" 2009, at VERWERTUNG

June 25th - July 5th 2010


Gerichtstra├če 65
13347 Berlin

Video Screenings "Verwertung"


Paul Prendergast and Laila Evensen are co-curating two film/video programs for the Verwertung Arts Festival. The two different screenings will draw on artists interpretations of “Verwertung” within the framework of further sub categories.

All works are experimental shorts from an international artist base, with the aim to present a full picture of the current movements and trends taking place in contemporary film/video practice and also an educational glance back to rarely seen older work.

Presented Artists:

Bob Levene (UK), Alex Pearl (UK), Ina Helen Otzko (NO), Anne Senstad (NO), Rob Gawthorpe (UK), Christopher Gladwin (UK), Ben Gwilliams (UK), Peter MC Partlan (UK), Jo Millett (UK), Veronica Mota (MX), Daniela Gast (DE), Michael Smyth (IE), Paul Prendergast (IE), Laila Evenson (NO), Jennifer Baumeister (DE), Thad Povey(USA), Sylvia Schedelbauer(DE/JAP), John Smith (UK), Venessa Renwick (USA), Venessa Renwick (USA),Thorsten Fleisch(DE), Ronnie Close(IE), Yvonne Bucheim(DE), Craig Baldwin(USA), Gareth Kennedy and Sarah Browne(IE).