Sunday, January 31, 2016

Textile wall sculptures by Anne K

Photographic prints on silk as textile wall sculptures by Anne Katrine Senstad/Anne K

Monday, December 7, 2015

Patrice Lerochereuil performance at Solivagant*

On the occasion of the opening of Anne Senstad's new neon sculpture exhibition Soft Geometry Liquid Commodity at Solivagant* in New York, French performance artist Patrice Lerochereuil performed a piece written by Robert Filliou in 1977.
Nov 12 - Dec 13, 2015


Sunday, December 6, 2015

A sound performance by Kuzka at Solivagant*

A live sound performance by Brazilian composer, musician and artist Kuzka on the occasion of Anne Senstad's  solo exhibition Soft Geometry Liquid Commodity at Solivagant*, 53 Orchard St, Ny NY 10002.

Nov 12 - Dec 13, 2015


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Athr Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2016

Below: The Infinitesimal, by Anne Senstad multiple projections, sound, wind, aroma. 
47 min loop. Sound by C.C. Hennix and Chora(s)san Time Court Mirage.

Anne Senstad in the village of Al Okas, Saudi Arabia 2015

Reinventing Asir: Outdoor Installation & Symposium

The abandoned village of Al Okas was used as a canvas to project artwork from local artists such as Abdullah Hammas, ShadiaAlem and Dana Awartani who are internationally known for their distinctive regionally based artwork. It also included an installation from world-renowned fashion designer, Yahya Al Bishri and light projections from Norwegian video artist, Anne Senstad. Other projections included time lapse videos of artwork such as ‘A Tribute to Fatmah Abu Gahas’ by internationally recognized artist Hend Al Mansour. The event also displayed local involvement from artists of Meftaha arts village in Abha and majilis painters – a genre of painting used in Asir.The event included a three-day symposium and was attended by many visitors who came from the surrounding communities, from Abha, Riyadh and from Jeddah. International researchers and artists, members of the German and French consulates, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, Dar Al Hekma faculty and students were amongst the many who had made their way to Al Okas. 

REINVENTING ASIR storytellers included:
Abdullah Hammas, (Artist)
Fatimah: Queen of Heaven, Hend Al Mansour, (Artist KSA)
The Tree of Guardians, Manal Al Dowayan, (Artist KSA)
The Black Arch, Shadia Alem, (Artist KSA)
Beirut39, Abdullah Thabit, (Poet & Writer KSA)
The Capitol Dome, Abdulnasser Gharem, (Artist KSA)
Piece of Paradise, Arwa Al Naemi, (Artist KSA)
Abdu Arishi , (Artist KSA)
Mohamed Ali Shrahili, (Artist KSA)
Abdul Majeed Al Sheri, (Artist KSA)
Ibrahim Al-Almaiy; Yahya Bishri, (Fashion Designer)
Orientalism, Dana Awartani, (Artist KSA)
Zafarana Al Asiri, (Local Painter)
Hebeba Al Asiri, (Local Painter)
Keharah Al Shri, (Local Painter)
The Infinity of Color, Anne Katrine Senstad,(Multidisciplinary Artist - installation art, photography, video, site and time specific)
The Rainbow Houses of Arabia, The Emblematic pillar of Rijal, Crossed Sights between Bedouin Art and Mural Art, Thierry Mauger, (Ethno-photographer, Anthropologiste and Professor)
Al-Hizam/La Ceinture; Ahmed Abo-Dahman, (Writer KSA)
Rwaya TV, Saleh Abo-Amrah, (Comedian Actor KSA)
Lost Stories of Asir, Faris Thakfan, (Chief of Qatani tribe)
Ali Magawi, (Asir Heritage Expert and Writer)
Ahmed Niazi, (Asir Heritage Expert and Collector)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Art Basel Miami

The Marble House Project's video exhibition "Decomposing Hierarchies" presented on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage, NY November 5th, 2015 will be traveling to Miami in December as a part of the video and mapping exhibition Form and Substance. Curator Sarah Walko presents the works of Marble House Project 2015 artists in residency: Anne Katrine Senstad, Catherine Page Harris, Orit Ben-Shitrit, Margeaux Walter, and Jeannette Ehlers. 

Dec 2 - 6th, Sunset to midnight
Intercontinental Hotel
100 Chopin Plz, Miami

In addition to both large and small-scale projection mapping installations, Form and Substance Miami will also include a series of single-channel video exhibitions selected by the Leo Kuelbs Collection.

“Decomposing Hierarchies” Curated by Sarah Walko, Director of Arts Programming, Marble House Project
“Decomposing Hierarchies” is a publicly-presented video art exhibition on the Manhattan Bridge anchorage that explores various approaches to striping systemic hierarchies. The descriptive “decomposing” is chosen as each of the artists is pulling us through a transformation. Whether between living species, value systems or race, all of these artists are examining our relationship with historically and culturally constructed pecking orders that are in a state of decay and are far past serving us as a culture.
All of the artists in this exhibition were residents of Marble House Project in 2015, a non-profit arts organization that focuses on the arts and sustainable agriculture. Marble House Project nurtures the imaginative spirit. Through artist residencies, workshops and sustainable agriculture, Marble House Project promotes an innovative atmosphere and exchange of ideas. Inspiration, contemplation and creativity are the hallmarks of the program. The project focuses on conservation of natural resources, integration of small-scale organic food production and the arts. Residents sustain their growth by cultivating and participating in the surrounding grounds, working on their artistic vision and forging partnerships within the community. Marble House Project is founded on the belief that the act of creating, whether through art or in nature is where human potential begins and community thrives. Marble House Project is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2013 and is located in Dorset, Vermont.

The Swamp, 2014 by Anne Senstad, sound by JG Thirlwell.