Saturday, June 30, 2018

Octavia Art Gallery Aug 4 - Sept 29, 2018

Soft Geometry Neon # 011, 2016
Anne Senstad

Neon tubes, fasteners, transformer.
18" x 15" x 1 1/2"
Edition 1/3

Please contact the gallery for more info:

Octavia Art Gallery
454 Julia Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
t. 504.309.4249 | c. 504.237.0648

Click here for Art Daily's write up on the exhibition published 8/8/2018

Installation Views

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Social Photography VI - Carriage Trade, New York

Car Wreck, Anne Senstad, 2017. Shot on Samsung Galaxy IV. 5x7 inches.Edition of 10 + 1

Social Photography VI  

Prints available online from June 28th at: 

See details on purchasing below*

Online Sales Begin: 

Thursday, June 28

Gallery Exhibition Opens: 

Tuesday, July 10, 6-8 PM

277 Grand St, 2nd Fl.  

New York, NY  10002

First presented in 2011, carriage trade's  Social Photography exhibitions have catalogued the rapid transformation of cell phone photography over the last several years. From a novelty medium existing between the voice and text functions of flip phones, to the smart phone as near physical appendage capable of recording and transmitting every waking moment, the cell phone camera now plays a pervasive role in many people's lives. 

While Instagram tends to emphasize the medium's  social utility, carriage trade's Social Photography exhibitions have tracked an alternate course, inviting participants and viewers to encounter these images in a format free of peer-generated tallies, while offering the option of a sustained look afforded by a gallery setting.  Social Photography  contributors are not limited to visual artists, and include writers, curators, musicians, students, etc., reflecting the accessibly and ubiquity of cell phone camera use.

Some of this years' participants are: Peggy Ahwesh, Dennis Adams, Liz Deschenes, Tracy Emin, Barbara Ess, Hal Foster, Ceal Floyer, Dan Graham, Beatrice Gross,  Emily HuntSarah Meister, Thurston Moore, Neil Jenney, Louise Lawler,  Lee Ranaldo, Asad Raza, Walter Robinson, John Schabel, Anne Senstad, James Siena, Molly Soda, Barry Schwabsky, Carol Szymanski, among many others.  

Functioning as a benefit exhibition to help support upcoming programming at carriage trade, there is no particular theme guiding  Social Photography VI apart from how the cell phone camera is most often used. Participants email images from their phones to carriage trade, which are then formatted, printed on 5" x 7" paper, and sold online and in the gallery during the exhibition.

Less a sanctioning of an evolving medium than a hybrid of a traditional exhibition format and the wider net of social media,  Social Photography also functions as a means to sustain and expand carriage trade's community, which exists in the combined spheres of online experience and the irreplaceable physicality of the exhibition space itself.

*Prints are available in editions of 10 on a first come, firsts serve basis: 
1 for $75.00 
2 for $120.00 (use promo code: 2/$120 at checkout)
3 for $150.00 (use promo code: 3/$150 at checkout)  

Prints purchased online by July 4 will be available for pick-up during the opening on July 10.Social Photography VI photographs can be viewed and purchased here:

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Through The Spectrum - Athr Gallery - Saudi Arabia


ELEMENTS, 2018 by Anne Senstad. An immersive light sculpture installation as part of the exhibition Through the Spectrum at ATHR Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. May 28 - August 31, 2018. The exhibition includes Anne Senstad, Robert Irwin, James Turrell, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Nasser Al-Salem and Timo Nasseri. Curated by Mohammed Hafiz and Afia Bin Taleb. The exhibition is a collaboration between Athr Gallery, Pace Gallery and Cruz-Diez Foundation.

On ELEMENTS by Anne Senstad

It has been found again.
What? – Eternity
It is the Sea fled away 
with the Sun
 Arthur Rimbaud, 1872

The Sound of MA, is identified by the Sound of an Indestructible Moment of Silencecontained by a space equipped with vertical topology.

ELEMENTS is experential and immersive, sculpturally informed, - an installation of light, color, perception, ideas of sound and spatial phenomena. An amalgamation of sensations. All sensorial elements have scientific and experiential similarities, yet differ in nature in how they inhabit space and how they are experienced. The natural world can be perceived through scientific systems of frequencies, wavelengths and temperatures that are sensed by the eye, ear, brain, nerves, intellect and emotions. Colors are cold, warm, dark, light, euphoric, symbolic, representational – a mental, emotional and sensual language, where light, color and sound exist as implementing our system on infinite levels, potentially unknown levels. Sound exists as complex music, visual and narrative sound, in environmentally inhabited and charged spaces, outside of our realm of perception as sounds not heard, sounds used in prayers. Sound is mathematical and logical, yet is the direct path to the realm of perception. Synesthetically sound has color and color has sound. Physically color is perceived through the optical and nerve system. In the language of light and color, spectrums and hues inhabit space, give objects their identity, enlighten our environment and represent enlightenment of the soul. 

Light and color represent nature in itself.  As Goethe proclaimed in his Theory of Colorslight owes its existence to the eye.  Referencing of course Newton’s scientific discoveries through the prism, where an object’s color was distinguished by the light of the sun through the prismatic. The ideas of perception in art can be related to Malevich’s essays on Suprematismin which he speaks about the non-objective system of elements through which sensations are expressed: the elements  of non-objective sensations are the beginnings of true essence. In the sphere of perceptive phenomena, non-objective essence is also it’s source, the absolute and pure. Perception of light, color, form, space and object are intertwined in Plato’s ideas where there arises the necessity of a soul with which we conceive knowledge by making judgments on perception gained through the sense organs.

Elements can be seen in light of mathematical and scientific space-time theories, we have elements as parts of a constancy and events. In sound, elements can be said to be parts of a composite wave form - it becomes a time element. Sound and light behave in a similar wave form language, Light is measured through temperature systems as in the Kelvin measurement system, existing as elements on a scale. Both sound and light operate as measurable and visible frequencies, scientifically disclosing the range within and without the audible and the visible, an echo of what can be observed in the nuanced color spectrums of the Aurora Borealis.

The verticals in Elements, define spatial relations and create a state of immersivity with colors blending into one another, merging and recreating new colors while simultaneously enveloping the body.  The verticality on our eye acts as signage, a post, a portal, arresting the eye by creating new space and defining our memory of space. By this definition we experience the light structure as either confining or liberating. Color embodies a psychology that effects our perceptive and cognitive system.  A verticality is experienced as an opening/uplifting and transformative sensation, representing the connection with a universe, while horizontal lines can remind us of the open landscape, the sea merging with the sun, perhaps internally experienced as a deep sleep or calming sensation. We are invited to experience the emotionally visceral and spectral physicality within multicolored verticals and mono colored horizon environment, touching the atoms of our being, resonating through vibrations of frequencies. The color compositions relate to sound compositions, in that one enters through a cool color space, gradually moving towards a multi colored crescendo. As the colors intensify in combination, the sensorial system is stimulated further, allowing us to be enveloped in color spectrums as a meditative and yet energetically charged process, As a time-experience installation, neon colors merge organically and seemingly expand over time, the nature of neon gas is organic and a transmitter of electrical currents, it is in continuous movement emitting abundance and perpetual absence of form, yet in fact exposing the opposite though creation of light and color as form. With its eternal presence, light represents the perceptual experience of the infinite and deepest elements of our shared humanity.

On Elements,
Anne Senstad, 2018


عناصرهوعملتركيبيوتجريبي  منالضوء،والإدراك،والنظرياتحولظاهرتيالصوتوالمساحة،العملفنييتمحورحولقدرتهلدمجهللحواسجميعالعناصرالحسيةلديهاخصائصعلميةوتجريبية متشابهة،ولكنهاتختلففيالطبيعةمنناحيةشغلهاللفراغوكيفيتمالإحساسبهاعبرالعين،والإذن،والدماغ،والعقل،والعواطفالألوانمنهاباردة،ودافئة،ومظلمة،وفاتحة،ومبهجة،ورمزية،وممثلة؛كلغةنفسية،عاطفية،وحسيةيتواجدالضوء،واللون،والصوت كأوامرتنفيذيةلأنظمتناعلىمستوياتلانهائيةومجهولةالصوتموجودكموسيقامعقدةاوبصريةوقدتحملفيطياتهاقصةتحكيها،أصواتتتواجدفيالفراغاتالمسكونةفيالبيئةوالمشحونةخارجنطاقاستيعابناتتواجدأصواتتبعدعننطاقإدراكنا،أصواتلمتسمع،هيأصواتتسمعفيالصلواتالصوتمفهومرياضيومنطقي،ومعذلكهوالطريقالمباشرالىنطاقالإدراكالصوتالاصطناعيلهلون،واللون  لهصوتالصوتالمادييدركعبرالنظامينالعصبيوالبصريالاطيافودرجات الألوانفيلغتيالضوءواللونيشغلانالفراغ،ويعطيانللأشياءهوياتها،وينيرانبيئتنا


يمكنرؤيةالعناصرفيضوءنظرياترياضيةومكانيةعلمية،العناصرمتجزئةفيالتسلسلوالاستمرارية،العناصرفيالصوتيمكنانيقالعنهاانهااجزاءمنشكلموجيمضغوط،حيثتصبحعنصراًزمانياًالصوتوالضوء يتصرفانفيشكلموجيلغويمشابهيقاسالضوءعبرأنظمةدرجاتالحرارةكمافينظامكالڤنللقياس،حيثتوجدالعناصرعلىمقياسيعملكلاًمنالصوتوالضوء عنطريقموجاتقابلةللقياسوالرؤيةممايتيحلنابطريقةعلميةمعرفةالمدىالداخلوالخراجفيالنطاقاتالمسموعةوالمرئيةكصدىيمكنملاحظتهفيالاختلافالطفيفبيناطيافألوانالشفق.

الخطوطالعاموديّةفي(عناصرتعيدتعريفالعلاقاتالفراغيةوتكونحالةمنالاندماجبينالألوانوتعيدابتكارألوانجديدةبينماتغلفالجسدفينفسالوقتالخطوطالرأسيةتعملعلىشكلتوقيع،منشور،ومنصة تأسرالعينعبرابتكارواعادة تعريفالمساحةلدينابهذهالطريقةيكونالمجسمامامحرراًاومفيداًلنااللونيمثلحالةنفسيةتؤثرعلىانظمتناالإدراكيةوالعقليةالخطوطالرأسيةتمثلتجربةحسيةتغيريةممثلةلروابطهامعالكونبينماالخطوطالأفقيةتذكرنابالأفقالمفتوححيثيندمجالبحرمعالشمسكنونعميقاواحساسيجلبالراحةنحنمدعوونلتجربةطيفيةفراغيةمنخلالأفقذوخطوطعاموديةمتعددةالألوانوأفقية ذاتلونواحدملامسةلأساسوجودناومتماسكة منخلالذبذبةالموجاتتشكيلةالألوانمرتبطةبتشكيلةالأصواتحيثيدخلالمرءعبرمساحةمناللونالباردمتحركاًحولمعزوفةلونيةمتصاعدةيتمتحفيزالحواسأكثركلمازادتالحدةاللونيةللأعمدةممايمكننامنالانغماسفياطيافاللونكعمليةتأمليةمشحونةعاطفياًالعملتركيبييعتمدعلىالوقتألوانالنيونتختلطببعضهاوتتمدد علىما يبدوعبرمرورالوقتطبيعةغازالنيونعضويةوناقلةللتياراتالكهربائيةوهيفيحركةمستمرةمعطيةاحساسبالازديادوغيابالشكلبالرغممنانهافيالحقيقةتعرضالشيءالمعاكسمعطيةاشكالاًثابتهللضوءوالصوت

Short version: On Elements, 2018

Anne Senstad examines the sensorial architecture and philosophies on perception through light, color and sound. Her immersive sculptural light installation 'Elements' defines space through topologies of vertical light, the phenomenon of color in relation to its nature, a non-objective space of frequencies, structuralities and elements.

Through the verticality of light and color, the vertical composition define spatial relations by creating immersivity of colors blending into one another, merging and recreating new colors. The verticality on our eye acts as signage, a post, barrier, arresting the eye by creating space and defining space. By this definition we experience the structure as limiting or liberating.

By placing a horizontal line throughout the space, it introduces an optical and spatial experience where we see the‫ ‬color combinations multiply, creating illusions of space and color as the colors merge with lines drawn of light seemingly floating in its immersivity.

With an eternal presence, light represents the perceptual experience of the infinite and deepest elements of our shared humanity‫.‬

Elements, 2018. Immersive sculptural neon light installation.The show continues until August 31, 2018

عناصر، ٢٠١٨، عمل آن سنستاد جزء من المعرض الجماعي " من خلال الطيف" ، أثر، جدة
‫تقوم آن بدراسة الجانب الحسي المعماري و الفلسفي للوعي من خلال الضوء، اللون، و الصوت. مجسمها الضوئي التركيبي "عناصر" يقوم بتحديد المساحة عن طريق استخدام اضواء عامودية، و الظواهر اللونية و علاقتها بالطبيعة، بالإضافة ‬
للمساحة غير الموضوعية من الترددات و التجسيد و العانصر.

الخطوط الرئيسية في "عناصر" تعيد تعريف العلاقات الفراغية و تكون حالة من الإندماج بين الألوان و تعيد ابتكار الوان جديدة بينما تغلف الجسد في نفس الوقت. الخطوط الراسية تعمل على شكل توقيع، منشور، و منصة تأسر العين عبر ابتكار و إعادة تعريف المساحة لدينا. بهذه الطريقة سيكون المجسم محرراً و مقيداً لنا.

عبر اضافةخط افقي على طول المساحة، يقدم العمل تجربة بصرية فراغية حيث ترى تشكيلات الألوان تندمج مع الخطوط المرسومة بإستخدام الضوء، محلقة جميعاً في انسجام.

عناصر، ٢٠١٨. عمل تركيبي ضوئي
يستمر المعرض حتى ٣١ اغسطس، ٢٠١٨

Installation views from Through The Spectrum - all photos are courtesy of Athr Gallery. Anne Senstad, Robert Irwin, Carlos Cruz-Diez, James Turrell, Leo Villarreal, Timo Nasseri and Nasser Al-Salem

Elements, Anne Senstad, 2018

 Aces & Eights, Robert Irwin, 2012-13

 Chromosaturation, Carlos Cruz-Diez, 1965-2018

Chromosaturation, Carlos Cruz-Diez, 1965-218

Allah, (he is the first and last 57:3), Nasser Al-Salem, 2018

Pelee, James Turrell, 2014

Florez - Bagdad, Timo Nasseri, 2016

A selection of visitor's images shared on social media interacting with the experiential immersivity of ELEMENTS - ATHR Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.